Frigi-Tech™ is designed for use in refrigeration, air conditioning, chillers, heat pumps and any hermetic or non-hermetically sealed lubrication systems! Frigi-Tech™ will give new life to bearings, seals, and all compressor parts, increase cooling capacity, quiet compressor noise, and save electricity!

Frigi-Tech™ is compatible with new and old refrigerants as we custom blend to meet manufacturers specifications. Even proven in Ammonia systems

Frigi-Tech™ will not void Manufacturers Warranties

Food grade quality available (Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR178.3570)


“Oil fouling of heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of about 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year and 2% per year the following years.” (per 1998 ASHRAE Handbook, Refrigeration, Chap.2.9)

Frigi-Tech™ restores the heat exchange and any losses of efficiency by remedying the oil fouling that has occurred.

*Typical Blends of Frigi-Tech™
Frigi-Tech™ Blends Common Refrigerants
Mineral Oil Blend CFC's
Polyoester Oil Blend HFC's
Alkylbenzene Oil Blend HCFC's
Low Temp Oil Blend AMMONIA
Custom Blend Blended to be an exact match to customers brand of oil
*Frigi-Tech is manufactured to be an exact match to the requirements set forth by the manufacturer of the compressors. There are instances where compressors oil types and refrigerants do not match the above table.